ArcTangent 2014 – Small Pond Recordings

ArcTangent is a young (2014 was it’s second year) Math and Post Rock Festival just outside Bristol, it’s also one of the best festivals i’ve ever been too, everyone was there for the bands, not one bands set was not met with a large and enthusiastic crowd, it was brilliant to be a part of!

Small Pond had the pleasure of not just attending the festival, but recording the thursday early bird line up – all the best bands from ATG 2013! This means we’re privileged to be releasing videos every week starting September (this posts a little late going up, i’ve been swamped with all these mixes on top of my live work…) right through until December from the likes of Baby Godzilla, And So I Watch You From Afar, Nordic Giants, The St Pierre Snake Invasion, The Physics House Band, Three Trapped Tigers and This Town Needs Guns - it’s been amazing to get our hands on this sort of material, keep an eye on the Small Pond for releases ( @SmallPondRec ).


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Live from the Pond

Thursday was Small Pond’s first live showcase, and I’ve personally only just recovered. It was an overwhelming success!

So the deal is this: Small Pond will be putting on shows every 6-8 (though there’s probably be a small summer break), and in the week run up to the show we will release a video of the headliner (or this time dual headliners..), because releasing kick-ass audio visual productions is what we do!

Thursday (May 29th) was our first and dual headliners Porshyne and The M-Theory both recorded incredible performances to video at Miloco’s toy rooms studios in Hove (for which we are very grateful to them for giving us access too), and followed these up with Similarly great performances alongside Animal Language at Bleach.

I should take a second to big up Bleach, the venue above the Hare and Hounds on London Road has had bad press for a very long time, but the dark days are definitely over: under new management and in the capable engineering hands of Leon Holder (who most people know from The Hope / Dirty White Fever), and with a well spent gear budget at last, this venue is on it’s way to being one of the best in Brighton!

Check out both the videos below, and keep your eyes on the Small Pond facebook page for details of the next event, which will likely be at the end of  July.

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The Great Escape 2014

The biggest date in a Brighton engineer/musician/industry person’s calender has just come and gone: The Great Escape 2014. I’ve only just recovered… 2 days of prepping Sticky Mikes (fresh coat of paint, clear and rebuild the stage, check every single xlr, maintenance…etc) left my favourite Brighton venue looking (and sounding..) sharper than ever before our first night – Late Night Lingerie vs TGE on the Wednesday. I wasn’t ‘technically working’ for the venue. but after swinging by The Prince Alberts (to catch a couple of bands for a South East vs South West by Cable Club and Tablesticks) I made an appearance to do sets for Demob Happy and Spit Shake Sisters - both of whom smashed it, as usual.

2 long days of complicated stage set ups for great but challanging bands followed, my highlights had be Barbarossa , Moodoid, and Kate Miller-Heidke, but to be honest there wasn’t a single band I didn’t enjoy – congrats to whoevers booking for Great Escape.

Last day rolled around, and, starting to loose my mind after only 3 hours sleep, I headed to The Mucky Duck to run sound on an Alternative Escape stage for Mada Music in the afternoon and Songeist in the evening. Now.. I’ve never done an Alternative Escape stage before, and I’ve got to be honest, the words ‘Pub Gig’ we’re pretty firmly in my mind when I got the the pub (/venue..). But the promoters had booked some killer artists! Every band throughout the day was talented, and interesting, and furthermore lovely no pretentious people, which is exactly what I needed on day 4 of a very heavy weekend… Combine that with the excellent support from TGE staff and volunteers, and the mega HK rig provided by Brighton Electric, and we had ourselves an awesome, smoothly run, great sounding day! Personal highlights had to be The Bloom Twins in the day and my good friends and evening headliners: Swell.

Madness over for another year.. see you in 51 weeks Great Escape.


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2 String Slim EP just out!

Pleased to announce that 2 String Slims debut EP – ‘Four by Two’, is out now! 2 String (other wise known as Mark Robbins of Dead Whiskey and former Simone and the Dark Stars) plays a home made ‘Balti Bass’ – made of a plank of wood, a balti dish, 2 bass strings and a tobacco tin pickup..  put through a fender bassman and a vinatge fender Silverface Dual Showman going through a 15″ cone, sounds interesting right?


The 4 track EP is Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Produced entirely by yours truly, and it sound big and dirty and bluesy (If I do say so myself..). Check it out on SpotifyiTunesDeezer and soon on Overhead Wires

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Happy New Year!

Januarys rolled round, and it’s not a great month for live work so it’s a month of catching up on things i’ve been putting off for too long… that includes sorting out Under the Bridge (new outboard and mics going to be arriving very shortly!), getting my tax return in and building this website – not very exiting but it’ll be good not to have that stuff hanging over me when work starts getting busy again.

More exciting is the stuff I can look forward to in 2014. Last year was great for me, loads of live work at a bunch of great venues, some real progress with Small Pond, and some other fun projects at Church Road and UtB, but I’m determined to make 2014 even better. Probably the most exciting area is going to be with Small Pond, with a bunch of projects lined up for the new year already, and lots of new and exciting ideas I’m not really allowed to talk about yet!

Happy New Year all!

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