Happy New Year!

Januarys rolled round, and it’s not a great month for live work so it’s a month of catching up on things i’ve been putting off for too long… that includes sorting out Under the Bridge (new outboard and mics going to be arriving very shortly!), getting my tax return in and building this website – not very exiting but it’ll be good not to have that stuff hanging over me when work starts getting busy again.

More exciting is the stuff I can look forward to in 2014. Last year was great for me, loads of live work at a bunch of great venues, some real progress with Small Pond, and some other fun projects at Church Road and UtB, but I’m determined to make 2014 even better. Probably the most exciting area is going to be with Small Pond, with a bunch of projects lined up for the new year already, and lots of new and exciting ideas I’m not really allowed to talk about yet!

Happy New Year all!

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