Live from the Pond

Thursday was Small Pond’s first live showcase, and I’ve personally only just recovered. It was an overwhelming success!

So the deal is this: Small Pond will be putting on shows every 6-8 (though there’s probably be a small summer break), and in the week run up to the show we will release a video of the headliner (or this time dual headliners..), because releasing kick-ass audio visual productions is what we do!

Thursday (May 29th) was our first and dual headliners Porshyne and The M-Theory both recorded incredible performances to video at Miloco’s toy rooms studios in Hove (for which we are very grateful to them for giving us access too), and followed these up with Similarly great performances alongside Animal Language at Bleach.

I should take a second to big up Bleach, the venue above the Hare and Hounds on London Road has had bad press for a very long time, but the dark days are definitely over: under new management and in the capable engineering hands of Leon Holder (who most people know from The Hope / Dirty White Fever), and with a well spent gear budget at last, this venue is on it’s way to being one of the best in Brighton!

Check out both the videos below, and keep your eyes on the Small Pond facebook page for details of the next event, which will likely be at the end of  July.

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