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ArcTangent 2014 – Small Pond Recordings

ArcTangent is a young (2014 was it’s second year) Math and Post Rock Festival just outside Bristol, it’s also one of the best festivals i’ve ever been too, everyone was there for the bands, not one bands set was not

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Live from the Pond

Thursday was Small Pond’s first live showcase, and I’ve personally only just recovered. It was an overwhelming success! So the deal is this: Small Pond will be putting on shows every 6-8 (though there’s probably be a small summer break),

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The Great Escape 2014

The biggest date in a Brighton engineer/musician/industry person’s calender has just come and gone: The Great Escape 2014. I’ve only just recovered… 2 days of prepping Sticky MikesĀ (fresh coat of paint, clear and rebuild the stage, check every single xlr,

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2 String Slim EP just out!

Pleased to announce that 2 String Slims debut EP – ‘Four by Two’, is out now! 2 String (other wise known as Mark Robbins of Dead Whiskey and former Simone and the Dark Stars) plays a home made ‘Balti Bass’

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Happy New Year!

Januarys rolled round, and it’s not a great month for live work so it’s a month of catching up on things i’ve been putting off for too long… that includes sorting out Under the Bridge (new outboard and mics going

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