Sam operates in a number of studios around Brighton, in particular Church Road Recording Company and Under the Bridge Studios, but also with experience and connections to other studios, including Brighton Electric and Evolution Studios. Also part of Small Pond Recordings, with access to all their shared gear, mix room, and mobile recording rig. Well Experienced with Pro Tools, Logic and Peak, with a working knowledge of a number of other programs and hardware.

Always happy to work to any budget, in any provided situation, on any kind of project, Sam has built a large client list:


CleftSmall Pond live session- watch it here

Nordic Giants - Small Pond live at ArcTangent- watch it here

Nordic Giants - Small Pond live at ArcTangent- watch it here

2 String Slim - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Sam, Hear it here (Spotify) or buy it here (iTunes).

The Elavaters – Blues Rock outfit reminiscent of The Dead Weather, The ‘vaters currently have a couple of tracks at the mixing stage with George McKensie for Small Pond Recordings, tracks by Sam at Church Road Recording Co. – and they sound dirty as you like!

Written in Waters – Atmospheric. Epic. Incredible Vocals. Sam produced the sound for their live video ‘Hymn’ through Small Pond Recordings, shot in a beautiful church in East Grinstead. Watch here.

Samuel J - Internationally popular singer / songwriter and producer, Sam recently recorded a live video with him in aid of Voices for Causes, to be released soon.

Spit Shake Sisters - Recorded to 24 track analogue tape at Church Road Studios in Hove, and mixed by Sam Coveney for Small Pond Recordings, Spit Shake Sisters single Overdope (and b-side Modern Drugs Make Aliens) achieved it’s fuzzy vintage brief, and then some. Listen here.

Halfway - Production coming along beautifully for post-rockers Halfway (soon to change name), two tracks down, two more in the pipeline, release could be a little while off, but it’ll be well worth the wait!

I like the Go Go! - Psychedelic tinged surf!

Voices for Causes – A Brighton based Charity aiming to reach the whole word with their message that music is still the best way to reach a large audience and make a change where it matters. Using live music videos to promote their work, the project (in association with The Latest TV station) aims to have as many artists as possible donate a song, with all of the profits from that release going to Charity. More info to follow soon.

Bella Feud - Shoegaze pop group Bella Feud are all about thoughtfully written melodic pop tunes’. Their latest EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Coveney. Listen Here.

Krystel Seidler – A Soprano Opera singer with some serious talent, Sam produced her a Demo in early 2013.

Nitzam – Brighton Psychedilia! Sink into the world of Nitzam, Sam helped them to track some of their songs at Under the Bridge Studios a while back, and loved them so much he had to do his own mix! Listen here.

Helaina Leila -Talented songwriter, musician, and BIMM student Helaina first worked with Sam on a hasty demo track, but soon came back for a full production, including an Ableton orchestra!

T&G – Brighton Blues outfit under the working name T&G have recorded some material with Sam at Under the Bridge Studios, Brighton. Many more details to follow but in the meantime enjoy! Listen Here.

David Yeoman - Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and all round nice bloke David Yeoman jumped into the studios with Behind the Glass at the end of 2011 to realise one of his compositions with full acoustic band. Listen Here.

David Yeoman – Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and all round nice bloke David Yeoman jumped into the studios with Behind the Glass at the end of 2011 to realise one of his compositions with full acoustic band. Listen Here.

Black Bonds - Black Bonds are a Four Piece band from Brighton. With melodic guitar riffs, heavy bass lines, classic drum beats and some explosive solos! Black Bonds really are one to watch out for.

Bullit - Delivering an energetic performance, Bullit are not to be missed live. They are currently being played on college and commercial radio all over the USA and you can buy the debut EP ‘Get With It’ on itunes.
Listen Here.

Chas Ikstan And The Bon Bon Bons - Coming to Under the Bridge studios for their tracking needs, Chas Ikstan And The Bon Bon Bons deliver an interesting musical style with an engaging performance, these are ones to look out for on the Sussex scene.

The Wytches – Now quickly on their grungy rise to stardom, the Wytches started off their careers recording with Sam at Under the Bridge in Brighton.

The Hutt - Brighton based acoustic outfit featuring the song writing and guitar playing of Jim Hutt, stunning vocal performances by Natasha and solid rhythm kept by bassist Spike. Beautifully dark songs with gorgeous vocal melodies. Listen Here.


Radio Free Brighton - Launched at the beginning of 2010, Radio Free Brighton is a community radio station which broadcasts from Under the Bridge Studios in Brighton. Sam has helped as a radio technician show and engineer for live sessions since the start,

Brightwave - Frequent voiceover client of Church Road Recording Company. Providing training videos to many larg national and international companies.

Kaleidoscope - A group for parents and carers of children under 5 with physical disabilities. The kids have recorded audio plays at Under the Bridge studios.

Mind - Mind in Brighton and Hove works to promote good mental health in our city and across Sussex. It seeks to empower people to lead a full life as part of their local community. Mentally disabled individuals have recorded poems about their mental illness at Under the Bridge Studios to help raise awareness.


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